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* Please feel free to contact us at 2233 4343 if you are looking for maids with special abilities,caregiver or driver.

Company Background - History

[Technic Employment Service Centre Limited], an agency with the most foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. In order to ensure the quality of the domestic helpers, TECHNIC has set up overseas training centers; delegated specialists are stationed in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to select candidates seriously. TECHNIC has been established for more than 30 years, we have extensive experience in providing household employment services. We have 6 outlets throughout Hong Kong, the most comprehensive one-stop service for more than 200,000 families. Just simply one-touch online, screening, matching, arrange video or face-to-face interview with domestic helper, handle contract and visa matters, arrange body check-up for the employed helpers, pick them up when they arrive in Hong Kong, and provide free translation. To enhance that foreign domestic helpers can effectively take over household chores and take care of the elderly, children, or even newborn babies, all the TECHNIC domestic helpers are needed to comply with high-quality multi functional skills training before and after arriving Hong Kong.


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A New Era - To Move with the Times

To ensure that new come foreign domestic helpers can involved into Hong Kong family culture shortly and get masterwork tips, we have been co-organizing "Cooking Class for Foreign Domestic Helpers" with “Hong Kong (Caritas)”. Furthermore, the first exclusive R&D application techniCOOK was born in 2021, each recipe is accompained with video in Chinese, English and Indonesian, also the built-in Trilingual Audio Dictionary  with  breaking down the communication barrier between employers and domestic helpers. techniCOOK teach foreign domestic helpers how to cook Hong Kong Style home dishes that’s not only makes it easier for employers to choose daily meals. There are other practical functions that are very easy to operate,  such as Workpad  can arranging daily housework by simply two clicks which is absolutely convenient, also Helper Wages Calculator  and  Gerernal Employment Forms  that can solve employer's troubles. TECHNIC perfectly meet your family's daily needs.

Quality Services – Confidence Guarantee 

Technic is continually striving to improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction through its experiences and techniques, at the same time protection of customer’s information & privacy is also important. This is implemented through the management skills and teamwork that has developed over the years. The Company is the first in the industry to be accredited ISO 9001:2008 in 2001.